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SDS Custom Homes

Complete rebrand giving SDS Custom Homes the high-end look they needed to step into the custom home market.


Graphic Design
Web Design
Content Creation


They were looking for a rebrand that elevated them into the business they always knew they were. SDS wanted to be seen as a big player in the custom homes market and wanted to emphasise their quality, family-based approach. 

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SDS logo_final.png


SDS Custom Homes wanted to level up their branding to stand out in the already crowded construction industry. They were looking for branding that reflected the quality of workmanship and custom experience they provide to their clients on a daily basis. This included a new identity with the adjustment of their business name, new logo design, re-designed new corporate documents and apparel. The most important part of the rebrand: developing a new website.

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SDS Custom Homes are established as high quality builders based on the Gold Coast. For this reason we opted for a more coastal-luxe feel to the brand that also gave a calm and relaxed feel, much like their process with their clients. The new brand needed to attract a more specific client base who wanted a custom approach to their build and this needed to be represented across all platforms. This included content creation in the form of feature films and updated photographic work of their projects.


From business cards and stationery to apparel and signage – the overall impression is of quality, trust and a tailored experience. The brand has elevated SDS Custom Homes into a high-end market that highlights their expertise and knowledge in the industry. The branding has been rolled out across many platforms and has been extremely well received.

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